Goods to order

Ordering through us

Coopers Oxford Pork We have a fantastic source of very local and very good pork. Jane Cooper can also get local beef for you – give her a ring and find out what’s available.

* Email / ring Jane on 01235 859262. Please try to get orders in by midday on the Monday before you want it at the market as they put in orders to the butcher on Monday afternoons. Although it is always worth giving her a call as she may well have the cut you need.

* Have a look at their website, Coopers Oxford Pork, for information about the pork and beef – Click here

Produce we sell

We can also take orders for anything that we sell and anything that Cornfields Bakery sells.

Scroll down this page to see the prices and list of bread products. Cornfields also usually has Wessex Mills flour we can order. Get in touch if you’re interested in that.

Free Range eggs (1/2 doz), From Beechwood Eggs            £1.25

Free Range, organic eggs (1/2 doz), From FAI                   £1.95

Brightwell Runny & Set Honey (340g)             £4.00

(click here for more information about Brightwell Bees)

Waterperry Apple Juice     (75cl of just apples!)     £3.30

Bread from Cornfields’ family bakery, Wheatley (NOTE some increases with effect from January 15th 2014)

White sandwich (large) £1.80
White seeded bloomer (large) £2.00
White bloomer (large) £1.80
White farmhouse (large) £1.80
White farmhouse (small) £1.15
Wholemeal (large) £2.00
Organic Stoneground (large) £2.50
Organic Stoneground (small) £1.50
Malted brown sandwich (lrg) £2.00
Malted brown farmhouse (lrg) £2.00
Malted brown bloomer £2.00
Malted brown (small) £1.20
Multiseed Low GI (large) £2.60
Multiseed Low GI (small) £1.75
Corn Bread £1.75
Onion & Herb £1.75
Date & Walnut £1.75
Tomato £1.75
Olive £1.75
Harvest Crunch £1.75
Spelt & Honey £2.35
100% Rye (large) £3.80
100% Rye (small) £2.30
Crusty Cob Rolls (each) 35p
Malted brown cob (each) 35p
Baps (pack of 4 4oz  / 4 2oz) £1.80 / £1.40
Malted brown rolls (4 x 4oz) £1.95
Cheese top rolls (2 x 4oz) £1.10
Multiseed baps (4 x 4oz) £2.00
Croissants (each) £1.00
Pain au chocolat (each) £1.00
Almond croissants (each) £1.20



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