Hot on the heels of our new chiller, a new freezer arrived in the shop this week. This means we can sell a much wider range of Coopers Pork goods, ice creams and more. We will gradually be filling it up to offer the best range we can.

The hawk-eyed amongst you may notice that our bread prices have gone up this week – and will do so at this Saturday’s market. Cornfield Bakery from whom we get most of our bread have been forced to raise their prices following an increase in the price of flour. This will mean 5p or 10p more on some loaves. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you enjoy baking cakes? Would you like to help out the café by baking for us? Drop an email if so. It has been fab to have some cakes from star baker, Anne, back in the café his week. Thank you, Anne!

Saturday Market guest stalls:

The Clays Market Garden: Fruit and vegetables – grown without chemicals.

Ally’s Kitchen – Delicious cakes & puddings

Socca & Rugga Buddiez: For 2-6 year olds (and parents) to help promote confidence, coordination & ability to play in a team!