Fritillary Bonanza!

Join local resident and the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust’s Reserves Ecology Officer, Colin Williams, for a gentle wildlife walk from Sandford Lock, along the River Thames to Iffley Meadows to enjoy the annual spectacular show of Snakes-head Fritillaries – the county flower of Oxfordshire. Last year over 89,000 flowering fritillaries were counted and they should be at their peak for our visit.

To join the Talking Shop walk please email Colin at

We will meet at Sanford Lock at 09:00 on Sunday 10th April and the walk will finish at Iffley Meadows at about 11:00. Colin will remain at Iffley Meadows to work at a BBOWT event so feel free to explore the meadows further and then return to Sandford Lock along the river.

As well as enjoying the fritillaries we hope to see a diversity of birds, plants and butterflies and Colin will talk about the wildlife he has discovered in our local area.

£3 donation per person.