The people behind your Ashtrees Farm veg, Sam and Juliette, have some exciting news. They have been offered some land to farm near Edinburgh starting in late March. It has long been their dream to farm near the place where they met and studied at university – they just never expected it to happen so quickly! Given how rarely land to farm comes up in the area they felt they had to seize this opportunity. We will now be working with them to find replacement growers to lease Ashtrees Farm and to sell at our Saturday market. It has been a huge boost to have a weekly vegetable stall of such great quality and we are keen to maintain this into the future. Let’s do all we can to help them find some new growers. If you know of anyone who may be interested in taking over their 3 acre plot near Benson please ask them to email

Their last market with us will be on Saturday 12th March. Please support them in the meantime by continuing to do your weekly veg shop on their stall. Not only do they offer great quality, organic veg but their prices are competitive with the supermarket too.

We should be very proud of the role our market has played in supporting two young farmers to develop experience of growing and selling. We should also be grateful to Sam and Juliette for agreeing to attend our small market and working so hard over the last few months to supply us with delicious vegetables. We wish them lots of luck in their new life in Scotland.