Resident and bread maker extraordinaire, Robert Rodrigues, writes about the bread he will be baking for the market from this Saturday 23rd January.


Sourdough bread inherits its name from the ‘type’ of fermentation it undergoes.  The process takes place in stages using a starter culture that is developed over a period of 72 hours into a dough gradually maturing at each stage.  It is not meant to taste decidedly sour like an acetic acid bomb but certainly has an air of sourness about it.  The master baker selectively breeds the yeast that will produce an ‘Earthy’ flavour and ‘wheaty bite’ to the loaf.  The yeast breaks down the ingredients, making it easier to digest.

Sourdough is made with 4 ingredients, Wheat, Rye, yeast and salt. There are no preservatives, emulsifiers or antibacterial agents added to the Sourdough which reduces the chances of food related allergies.

Sourdough bread is nutritious and is an investment in your health. I hope you enjoy the loaf and let me know whether you might be interested in procuring a regular supply.  The bread keeps well and makes great sandwiches, toasts and croutons for soups!

To Place orders:   Text/Tel: 07778028794

The Sandford Sourdough is a 650g loaf and Retails at £3.75. The loaf costs 1/3 less than the equivalent loaf on the supermarket shelf! and is Healthier, Fresher, Tastier and from the village, so try it!