Local Giving Will Match your £10 Donation to Talking Shop 
We are members of LocalGiving.com and they’ve just launched their annual Grow Your Tenner Campaign. For every donation made Localgiving will match up to £10 (until their pot of £500,000 runs out) and we are also eligible for Gift Aid on donations.
Thank you to everyone who donated last year. We raised £1,495 in donations with an extra £1,004 in match funding and gift aid! With that we’ve bought tables and chairs, kitchen utensils and equipment, mugs, glasses and some great shelves for the cafe and shop.
This time we want to raise money for a coffee machine. 
So far we have £386: a generous individual donation of £300 and £86 raised by the raffle of volunteer Anne Pitson’s beautiful doll’s house. The machine is going to cost close to £2,000 so we’ve still got over £1,500 to raise. We also need to buy a big chiller unit for the shop, so we can sell a great range of stuff. This is going to cost us £4,500.
This campaign is a great opportunity – doubling donations!
  • So for example, if you give £10 to Talking Shop …
  • Localgiving will add £10…. = £20…
  • Gift Aid of £2.50 will be added for UK taxpayers… = £22.50
  • And after donation processing fees, your £10 gives Talking Shop £21.53! (£19.16 without Gift Aid)

Important Details: 

Each donor can give up to 5 donations of £10 each and they will match each of those with £10.
So if you want to give more than £10, please do it in £10 packages so they each get doubled.
You can also sign up to give monthly and for donations of £10 or more Localgiving will add £10 every month for 3 months (if you make a regular donation already you need to cancel this one and start a new one to benefit from the match funding).

If you’d like to give a donation go to our LocalGiving webpage – https://localgiving.com/charity/talkingshopsandford and please tell all your friends!