Talking Shop is community-led and community- owned for people in and around Sandford, Littlemore, Rose Hill, Kennington and the Leys. It was incorporated in May 2014 as a Community Benefit Society.
What are we aiming to do? 
At the heart is a growing social hub: our community cafe, shop and garden at the Village Hall, Henley Road, Sandford-on-Thames.
From here we aim to:
* Bring people together, as customers and volunteers, through our established Saturday market and cafe, our monthly lunch club, a bike mechanic team, weekly table tennis sessions, a garden team and various workshops.
* Create opportunities to learn – community education, work experience, volunteer training, mentor partnerships, building pathways to employment, sharing skills, nurturing and rebuilding confidence.
* Offer a network of support to more vulnerable groups in our communities – through our Good Neighbour scheme, by supporting people of all abilities to volunteer and through community meals and open social events.
How is it structured?
The Society is a membership organisation, open to any individual, group or business that agrees with its aims. They do not have to be based in the area we cover. The Society is organised and promoted by a Board of Directors, initially self-appointed, drawn from the membership. The Board will be elected annually at the AGM.
Why do we think this will work?
• It combines the strengths of business, public, community and voluntary sectors.
• It is based on effective partnerships with eg. The Oxford Academy, Restore, Mind, local businesses.
• It promotes responsive social regeneration through a healthy mix of services and facilities.
• It is community-based, owned and managed so has a better understanding of local issues.
• It is independent, aiming to be self-sufficient, not for private profit.
Why become a member?
Communities and volunteers who support each other, build friendships and break down barriers can transform lives. With our own space we can do so much more of this. The more people who are involved and who have a say as members, the better we will be able to understand and meet our communities’ challenges.
Just £10 makes you a member for a year
* Get a quarterly newsletter
*Come to Talking Shop socials
* Vote in the Board
* Vote on key decisions
* Most importantly ‘Have Your Say’ on the shape of the project
Membership Fee
The annual membership fee of £10 includes a £1 share in the Society and gives membership to 30th November 2016. It is renewable annually on 1st December unless a minimum holding of share issues through the investment offer are held.
Upcoming Investment Share Offer
We will be making a further share offer, for people looking to support the Society with a greater investment, to raise much needed capital within the next year. This will be set out in a detailed offer document and business plan nearer the time and will be available to both members and nonmembers.
Note: every member has one vote, irrespective of shares held or money invested or donated.
It is vitally important that Talking Shop has a big, diverse membership base, with lots of voices: a membership that reflects our community. 
That way we will make a real, effective difference.
Help us to do that. Be one of those voices. Join up now.
Click here to download the membership application form or collect one from the market: Membership Invitation_AJ 9 oct