Here’s an account from regular Talking Shop café volunteer, Nanda, about her trip to Ashtrees Farm a few weeks ago. If you would like to visit the farm too we next plan a trip there on Saturday 24th October at 3pm. Email if you would like to cfarm trip 2 farm trip 3 farm trip 1ome along!

Saturday 26th September was a beautiful day with the late summer sunshine still feeling warm when Anne Pitson, Robert and Nanda Rodrigues paid Ashtrees farm a visit.  Not quite sure where we were heading except in the Benson direction where you come across these huge green domes like some alien spaceships that had landed next the RAF base. That’s where all our food waste gets converted to manure, I believe!  The familiar red van that Sam told us to look out for was the only indication that we were in the right place.  As we went round the gate into Ashtrees farm, we were transported to a wonderful world of organic farming, where the plants come alive, a fascinatingly balanced ecosystem and where every organism has a role to play.  It was easy to be imbibed by Sam’s passion for his farm and we learnt so many new things.  To quote a few, the toads came to control the slugs, the clovers fixed nitrogen in the soil, the nettles had a place, the marigolds attracted the bugs, empty beds were for rejuvenation, the weeds were ground cover, so many facts that we never knew about.  Attached are some photos of the lovely produce we see on Saturdays at the market.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and Sam was the perfect host, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the farm!