We wanted to share our tribute to Pauline with everyone who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s beautiful service. It was written by Rebecca and read by Gina. Thank you to both of them, from all of us, for doing Pauline very very proud.

Pauline poster

This is a tribute to Pauline from all of us at Talking Shop.

From the moment Pauline joined the Talking Shop project she added what we now know to have been her extra special energy, enthusiasm and passion.  Abi went knocking door to door and was greeted by Pauline from an upstairs window, hair wet and clearly busy but she’d heard about the project, “Wait there, I’m coming down!”

She joined our Steering Group and set about helping get Sandford’s market and café started.  Meetings were fun with her, just as she added fun to whatever element she was involved with.  She’d arrive with her wonderful smile, full of questions about how we all were.  Always interested.  Then, usually with a glass of red in hand, we’d settle down to the business of the meeting.

Pauline cared deeply about this project, the market, her beloved cafe and cafe team.  She was passionate about what it could and should mean to the people of this village if we got it right.  She had an opinion on the points that mattered for the people and shared them freely.

Pauline’s commitment to our Saturday market was simply amazing and we couldn’t have made it this far without her.  Unless she was on holiday, she was in the cafe pretty much every Saturday for over four years.  She gave us her time, her laughter, her care and her unbeatable bacon sandwiches.  She was at the heart of our wonderful cafe team.  She took such pride in the team, who they were, what they produced for people and what they gave to the market.

She cared about the takings too, she was so proud of great days, long queues and big orders.

Whilst it was hard work, it excited her that proceeds were going back into the community and she was so much part of that.  She had a wonderful relationship with her team.  She had their interests at her heart and cared for them all.  You could never get past Pauline without her knowing how you were, how your children were, or your grandchildren.

And you could never expect to see Pauline or talk to her at any length without hearing about her family.  She was so open about her love and passion for them.  She talked about them with huge pride and loved nothing more than to be with them.  We all knew about her family holidays, the excitement, the build-up and then she’d be back, usually looking very brown and refreshed and full of stories.  This winter was no different when she went for a very special trip to Australia – as she said, a chance for us girls to all be together again.  That trip meant so much to her.

The fact that so many of us feel so shocked and so sad to have had to say goodbye so suddenly is testament to just how full of energy and vitality she always was.  We are so grateful to Pauline for her time with us, and to Geoff, for sharing her with us.  We have lost a fantastic lady, with a lust for life.  She’s a lady whose soft voice, beautiful smile and great laugh we will always remember.

Pauline – thank you from all of us.  What you did for us you did without complaint, you were endlessly giving and kind.  We’ll miss you every meeting and every market.  It’s going to be hard to make a bacon sandwich like you could but we’ll carry on in your name and we’ll always think of you, remember you and be grateful for the times we shared.

June 15th 2015