Hello my name is Hazel and I have lived in Sandford with my partner, Sam and son, Joshua for about 7 years now.  We moved in on the day of the floods in July 2007 (if memory serves me right!).  I have been volunteering for Talking Shop for about 3 years as one of the Sandford Bakers, a consultant Project Manager (now and again), as a member of the Rota Team and this summer I also provided flowers for the café tables from our lovely garden (see above).

This summer I also decided to venture into growing a few veg but I like to keep it relatively insecticide free and we have a small garden.  So I have been using crushed egg shells to keep away the slugs, the left over coffee granules to help fertilise the soil and  I even use the tumble drier water to fill up the watering can!  Sadly I have yet to find a repellent for the pesky white cabbage butterfly and my brassicas got decimated. Won’t grow them again.  I also experimented with a range of containers, grow bags, pots and even an old bbq.  Here are some photos of earlier in the summer.

Each month I shall be here to share our garden with you and those of other keen Sandford gardeners.  Whilst I am no expert together Sam and I have turned our small, very overgrown garden into an oasis which we both love and enjoy, especially in the summer.  Here is a little slideshow of the history of our garden.

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