I have to confess to a longstanding broad bean habit – I love it when they show up on the market stall. I only last week though discovered the joy of double podding! I had been eating my broad beans with the slightly grey and chewy pod still on… look what happens when you put a little more time in .. glorious bright green tender deliciousness!!

Broad beans double podding

Take the individual beans out of their first ‘sleeping bag’ pod, boil for just a minute or so, then run quickly under cold water and double pod – slit the pod with your finger nail and squeeze, the ready to eat bean will pop out! Well worth it. Eat in a salad or with pasta (good with chilli and garlic oil, salt & pepper & lots of parmesan).

We will have broad beans from The Old Farm Shop on our stall this week, as well as beetroot, new cauliflowers, romanesque cauliflowers, gooseberries, strawberries, cherries, jersey potatoes…. You can pre-order through us – email orders.talkingshop@gmail.com by midday on Wednesday.

Have a great week,