Another quick reminder that Russell is planning to bring some rhythm to our weekly routines… Get in touch with him if you’re interested in finding out more (

Salsa in Sandford 

Interested in trying out salsa lessons at Sandford Village Hall? Russell has found a potential teacher, but needs to find out how many people might like to join in.

The thinking is to have the lessons on Thursdays from 8-10, and the prices would depend on how many people come. You needn’t have an established partner – it helps if the dancers rotate.

Marmalade… buy your Seville Oranges £1.50 / kg

Caroline (of the Old Farm Shop) will have Seville oranges this week (grown in Spain, bought by her from Covent Garden fruit & vegetable market), so if you are a marmalade maker and looking for oranges look no further. We will have some on the stall – if you want to reserve some let us know please.  

Our big Community Night is now on Thursday February 27th
It was originally scheduled (and listed in The Link) for this Thursday 16th January. Sorry for the change. More info to come about that soon.

This weekend at the market: 
Nic Marlowe super home baking

Rafaele Pepe delicious Italian home cooking

Becky Chambers great stationery and cards

Plus all the usuals

why don’t you try something new this weekend? 

How about …. 

  • Ian Paxton’s Tomato and Chill pasta sauce or Scotch Bonnet ketchup
  • Woodlands’ yoghurts, not like any yoghurt you’ve had before  – 75p for a small fruit yoghurt,
  • Netherend butter – properly churned farm butter just £1.90 a pat
  • Brightwell Bees’ honey
  • home made jams from the Old Farm Shop or from Sarah Doidge’s Brynmoor conserves

Bread Price Increase

Cornfields have had to increase their prices because of rises in costs. So we too have to raise our prices to you – new full price list on this blog . Some key changes to the more popular breads – the large low GI loaves will now be £2.60; small low GI, Corn Bread, Tomato, Olive, Date & Walnut will all be £1.75.

We have held most of our prices at our starting levels since April 2011 and this is the first price rise in bread since April 2012, despite lots of increases in fuel and flour. We hope you understand. It is fantastic bread!!

Have a great week,