Good afternoon, 

A quick note first about the floodwaters lapping at some edges of the village (and sadly inside the ground floor of the Kings’ Arms). Andy the lock-keeper is apparently asking cylists not to attempt to cross at the lock. The water is very high and very fast in some places and sadly two cyclists have lost their lives in the city during these floods already. It does seem that we may already be seeing the worst of it but if you need any help with sandbags or anything else please contact us ( and we will be be able to find people who can help out. If you are willing to help out in the event that anyone needs it please let me have your contact details. Thank you very much.

Salsa in Sandford

A message from Russell
‘Hello everyone
I am looking into getting some salsa lessons going at Sandford Village Hall and would like to gauge the level of interest in this. I have done a little preliminary research and found a potential teacher, but I need to find out how many people might like to participate. The lessons would be on Thursdays from 8-10, and the prices would need to be decided depending on how many people come. You needn’t have an established partner, as it actually helps if the dancers rotate.
I have danced salsa before and it is great fun – challenging at first but very rewarding once you’ve got the basics.
If you think you would like to have a go, please email me at, and perhaps salsa can come to Sandford!’


This weekend at the market: 

Talking Shop’s Simple Soups £2 each or 3 for £5

We have loads of great soups made by Hazel from our stall veg. Current flavours are –

  • cauliflower cheese
  • spiced parsnip & cauliflower
  • roasted beetroot
  • carrot & cumin
  • super squash
  • potato, courgette & cheese
  • leek & potato

Homemade Tastes
An exciting new food business set up by Sandford resident Eugenia and her partner Tina, based in Abingdon.

Here’s a little snippet from them –

‘We are a newly established company based south of Oxford. We aim to produce high quality Mediterranean style wholesome, healthy, fresh food for families and busy professionals. We endeavour to use local producers and fresh ingredients to ensure full Mediterranean flavours. We use our passion for food to create tasty, highly nutritional, and balanced dishes that can all enjoy. Living busy lives ourselves we understand how important a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is for our physical and mental wellbeing. Also that food can be fun and it plays a major part in our busy lives. We aim to deliver the same high quality homemade vegetarian food we cook for our families to areas around Oxford and Abingdon.’

Come and taste and buy from them this weekend:

  • Tzatziki dip
  • Aubergine dip
  • Bean, celery and carrot soup
  • Brown Lentil with bay leaf and oregano soup
  • Pumpkin & feta pie
  • Spinach & feta pie
  • Giant Butter beans
  • Mexican Chick peas

Make, Do & Mend

And hurray! Maria is back to get us all looking tidy again for the new year.