sept 28 2103

And this weekend we’re apple pressing …. 

We had great fun last year with the Oxfordshire Community Action Groups’ apple press and pasteuriser and…. it’s back this weekend.
We are hoping there will be lots of apples around as this has been a good year. Bring your own apples or use our stock of delicious Sandford apples and have some fun making your very own juice.
PLEASE save up any big plastic bottles or screw top glass bottles and bring them down. If there are lots of apples we are going to need lots of bottles! To sterilise your glass bottles wash them out well in very hot water or put them through the dishwasher on the hottest wash (without detergent) or wash and then dry in a preheated oven (190 degrees) for about 15 minutes.
We’d love to know we’re going to have enough bottles so if you have access to a supply of screw top glass bottles we could use please let me know (

Bunny & Bear

Bethanie is back – great T-shirts and cards

Make Do & Mend

Maria will be with us – bring your mending and alterations up this week 

Coopers Meats & OFS whole chickens

Great Oxfordshire rare breed pork on our stall plus OFS whole free range chickens (frozen this week) 

Talking Shop Cakes

Home baking from our brilliant Sandford team

Veg from Cultivate & OFS

There’s a great range of local fruit & veg around – come and have a browse, be inspired! 

And remember we’re just one of a great network of Community Run Markets around Oxford – have a look at

See you on Saturday.