Our sheep flock have been doing a spot of teambuilding, well assisting, when we had a local company Ceres PR, join us recently to be ‘shepherds for the day’ for their teambuilding day.  We got them busy straight away by identifying all the lamb joints and cuts over a cup of tea and then we headed down to the farm to set them up for their challenge!  They learnt how to work Belle our sheep dog, and then practiced gathering a flock of sheep into our handling pen and we talked through how we handle the lambs to assess their suitability for the market.  We then stopped for lunch, lamb and mutton burgers of course.  After lunch we let them loose on our mobile sheep handling system which THEY had to put together and then ask for Belle’s help to get 90 lambs into the pen they had made.  Finally, they weighed and selected 8 lambs for our farmers markets the following week.  The team all did really well.  Their day ended with us giving them a selection of lamb to take home to share with their family and friends. To see photos of their day and what they thought, please see our latest blog http://camillaandroly.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/teambuilding-down-on-farm.html

If you think this type of teambuilding day might be of interest to you or someone you know, please get in touch with us.

Our spring lamb is very popular on the barbeque now that we’ve finally had some sunshine.  If you would like to order some lamb, from a pack of chops, butterflied leg, to half a lamb for the freezer, please email or phone us with what you would like.  Alternatively visit our online shop http://www.camillaandroly.co.uk/

 Camilla and Roly