A message from the council’s OxOnLine – 

“Broadband is playing an increasingly important role in connecting residents and businesses. OxOnline, a leading partnership supported by all six local authorities in Oxfordshire, is a driving force behind bringing better broadband to Oxfordshire. OxOnline recently finalised and submitted a broadband bid to Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), a government funding body with a programme for improving nationwide broadband infrastructure.

This week OxOnline is launching a new broadband community toolkit and we want to get the views of local residents and business as part of our demand registration process. We also want to update people on our recent BDUK funding bid which will bring faster broadband (known as “next generation access”) to the county and will be delivered by a private sector partner. This will bring significant benefits to Oxfordshire broadband, with broadband speeds of up to 24Mb available to most of the county by the end of 2015.

We are encouraging both residents and businesses to do a new broadband survey online at


What can better broadband offer?

Improving connectivity allows you to do more with your time online:

o   Staying in touch – benefit from better quality video conferencing, multi-tasking with chat programmes and social media all at the same time.

o   Finding a job – search for opportunities faster and effectively.

o   Entertainment – get more from your TV experience: better online gaming, watching TV programmes, e.g. BBC iPlayer, and other live online streaming.

o   Getting educated – swifter access to online educational resources, making it easier to learn something new.

o   Saving while shopping – save time and money with online shopping and using online services (such as online banking).

o   Working at home – use your time more efficiently with hours that suit you. You can also more easily link up with cloud services, working with online partners and driving your business forward.

If you do have any further broadband questions please get in touch with the OxOnline team on 01865 81 6933 or email oxonline@oxfordshire.gov.uk.