Minutes of Public Meeting 2nd August 2011
Steering Group:
Present – Abi Johnson (Chair), Jacky Beesley (Treasurer), Rebecca Murcott (Volunteers’ Manager), Gina Ashburner, Hazel Knowles
Apologies – Pauline Rudman, Val Rudman, Helena Thomaides-Brears


  1. It was decided that Public meetings will be held quarterly, dates to be set so as to enable use of The Link to publicise information.  These meetings are intended as opportunities for the Steering Group to update on progress etc and for the wider group / public to contribute, feedback etc.  Next public meeting date to be confirmed.
  2. The Steering Committee will meet each month in between public meetings to discuss operational details and to make decisions using information collected at public meetings to move the project forwards. Minutes of Steering Committee Meetings will be made public.
  3. An Extra-Ordinary Public Meeting to be held to discuss the aims and objectives of The Talking Shop Project in light of 4 months of the market and to shape a revised constitution. The Steering Committee will produce a draft for that meeting and will finalise the constitution after the meeting (aiming to finish this by the end of September).  Meeting date to be confirmed.


  1. Jacky presented the Treasurer’s Report (including – profits of £3,684.57 as at end of 2nd July).
  2. Rebecca updated on Volunteers (including – 42 volunteers on list, giving a total of 50-60 hours each Saturday).

The Market

  1. Agreement that the produce is very good but lots of it is in the higher price range. Group to explore stocking a general store cupboard range and less expensive produce.
  2. The Café is proving to be the heart of the market. Agreement to build on this.  Menu range inevitably limited by kitchen facilities but simple friendly approach successful. Suggestions to have board games for customers’ use & to reorganise market to increase tables for café once weather colder.
  3. If possible, to organise some activities for children alongside the market in August – eg. story reading, face painting, football or games on the rec.  Key challenge is finding space inside the market if the weather is poor. Will be arranged if possible. Anyone willing to run activities please contact Abi – / 774661.
  4. Request from public for a Community Notice Board in Village Hall, for public use.  Group to raise with Village Hall Committee.


  1. Agreement that the market is not as widely known about as we would like it to be. Abi to work on raising awareness / marketing. Anyone who would like to join this working group please contact her – / 774661.


  1. Agreement that we would like to explore how to better serve other groups in the community including older residents, young families and vulnerable or isolated residents. Abi to start outreach programme. Anyone interested in joining this working group please contact her – / 774661.

Kind regards from
The Talking Shop Team
Sandford on Thames