Based in Wheatley Cornfield supplies all our bread, croissants and pastries every Saturday morning. They have an extensive range of breads made in the traditional way including the much loved corn bread which is one of our bestsellers alongside the low GI loaves. These loaves come in two sizes and where possible the bakery will pre-slice them for you.

It goes without saying that their baps are the natural partner to Foxbury’s bacon which make up the bacon butties sold at the cafe. More recently you can have a choice of sizes – a large butty will cost you £2.90 whilst the smaller one is £1.60. We have also introduced sausages wrapped in Cornfields lovely, fluffy white rolls.

Other speciality bread you will find on the stall are Harvest Crunch, Tomato, Date & Walnut and Olive. So come along on Saturday at 8.30 and treat yourself to a loaf (or two) of their wonderful bread. Or settle down to a croissant or bacon butty at the cafe.