Hi I am Hazel and I am possibly the newest volunteer to join Talking Shop. Having lived in Sandford for 4 years now I recently found myself with some free time. Given I love to bake I went to the market to meet the team and offer my baking. I also offered up my time as a project manager and before I knew it I was sitting alongside Abi learning all about the ordering.

Although I do go to the market I tend to work behind the scenes. Alongside the baking I have also developed our vitual presence and worked with the team to establish our brand. I place all our meat, fish, bread and general orders and also try and improve our processes.

The reason I have time on my hands is because my partner, Sam is taking part in the Clipper round the world yacht race which leaves on July 31st. Given my contract at work ended rather unexpectantly I decided to do some travelling and will be meeting him in Rio, Cape Town, Gold Coast and Qingdao. Between those trips I have time. I see this as my opportunity of giving a little bit back to the community and making a contribution to the environment I live in.  I am a member of the steering group although it has only been 2 weeks, I’m loving it.